17 Jan 2022
Spectrum Gaming Capital released an insight that compares the performance of sports betting in unrestricted markets (markets with digital & multiple operators) and restricted markets (no/limited digital and limited competition).
Our conclusion is that competition and digital are necessary to generate robust sports betting markets. To read the insight please click the link: INSIGHT
03 Nov 2021

Spectrum Gaming Capital CEO, Rob Heller, participated in an Esports panel at this year’s East Coast Gaming Congress. He discussed how blending sports betting, internet gaming, and Esports is key to this business. Vixio Gambling Compliance published an article on the panel which recaps the discussion. Here is a link to the full article.

28 Jun 2021

Spectrum Gaming Capital Senior Vice President, David Isaacson, participated in a fireside chat focused on digital gaming, at Jefferies Virtual Consumer Conference on June 24th. We created a summary of topics covered in the form of a quick insight. To access the insight please click the link: Jefferies Fireside Chat

20 Aug 2020

Spectrum Gaming Capital posted a one page insight describing the landscape for investing in Esports. To read the insight please click Esports

03 May 2020

Spectrum Gaming Capital published a “one page insight” on What can be Learned from Prior Market Dislocations” and Potential Outlook for Gaming post the Covid-19 Pandemic. To access the insight please click through: Covid-19 Insight

05 Jan 2020

David Isaacson, VP of Spectrum Gaming Capital, released an insight that illustrates how NJ’s Gaming industry is “Firing on All Cylinders”. To read more please click through: NJ Insight

20 Nov 2018

Spectrum Gaming Sports Group released an insight discussing our observations gleaned from October sports betting results in New Jersey and Delaware. To access the insight please click the link:

October Sports Betting

13 Nov 2018

E-Sports for Everyone

Spectrum Gaming Group’s Michael Pollock recently wrote and article discussing the casino industry embracing e-sports. To read the article please click the following link:


28 Oct 2018

The Spectrum Gaming Sports Group published an insight detailing why we think momentum for sports betting legislation will increase significantly in 2019. To read the one page insight please click the following link: US Sports Betting

22 Oct 2018

The Spectrum Gaming Group of Companies released the Top 10 Trends in Gaming for 2019

To read the Top 10 please click the link: Top 10 Trends